We all have family, colleagues, and friends whose lives have been affected by crime. It is unacceptable that, even today, we hear about the violence or crime being committed to our closest neighbors. Although crime has reduced by 1%, many North East Calgarians are rightly worried that our streets and neighborhoods are less safe to walk, cross, or bike along. But more importantly, the stigma that our North East is still caring of being not safe.

There has been a worrying rise in violence, particularly random and non-random knife and gun related crimes. It is troubling in a city known for its openness and safety and serious questions are​ arising about our preparedness for a major incident. Our communities have become dangerously vulnerable as our police force is spread thinly across a large area, dealing daily with the escalation of crimes, gangs, and drug-related overdoses. To put it even into reality, is the fact that our police will try to reduce the police partner riding to be able to cover more areas with less resources. Our city has neglected to provide Ward 10 North East Calgary the safety and assurance of other districts.

Without a visible presence and direct education, without forming a relationship with the community residents, prevention and undetected or unidentified crimes will continue to rise.

 The traffic-dense intersection poses serious risks for pedestrians that text while crossing streets. A clear message for community safety needs to be established and followed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe from distracted texting.

Making our communities safer 

As a father, keeping you, your family, and your community safe is my top priority. That means keeping our roads, cross walks safer. I pledge to:

Redevelopment of 36 Street . This busy, urban intersection is a traffic and pedestrian hazard. Redevelopment of roads and signals through line painting, traffic diversion, traffic light control, and reflective signage is necessary to make this a more walkable area for foot traffic. Line painting and/or other indicators are required for turning vehicles in the CTrain/Traffic intersections to prevent near-miss vehicular collisions.

​       · Preventing pedestrian-CTrain collisions. The CTrain pedestrian crossings in the North            East do little to prevent accidental collision. Enhancing the crosswalk gates with a                  magnetic auto-locking mechanism at the Marlborough, Rundle, and Whitehorn                      stations will prevent the accidental occurrences of collision.

​      · Enforcing speed limits through reallocation of photo radar. Automated and mobile               photo radar should be reallocated to enforce safety in areas where higher incidents of         speeding occurs, especially residential properties and school zones rather than main             streets such as memorial drive.

      · Using the number of complains through 311, police speeding tickets and number of             accidents and near miss to install more reflective, lights and crosswalks indicators into         streets.

      · Advocate on banning distracted texting

It also means ensuring that our police and fire services have the right resources and priorities, particularly at a time when we are facing an economic downturn.
I pledge to:

       · Ensure that the neighbourhood policing and surveillance is a top priority for our                    safety, maintaining the role of officers as a visible, local presence to prevent and                   detect crime.

      · Advocate for an Auxiliary Police Cadet Program. The police cadet program will offer               auxiliary law enforcement training to officers that deal specifically with community                 safety and patrols.

      · Increasing presence of law enforcement. The lack of a visible presence in law                            enforcement in the most vulnerable neighborhoods causes residents to avoid                        contacting police or crime stoppers, especially for new immigrants and their families.
      · Support the establishment of a Youth-Senior Alliance. Engaging youth in responsible             citizenship and establishing an alignment of youth and seniors, activities, and                         education, to erase the stigma of youth related crime.

     · Tackle violence against women and children, including prioritizing a greater law                      enforcement presence on public transport to clamp down on assault, with zero                      tolerance of domestic and sexual violence.

     · Advocate for sustainable and effective budget review of the resources required by the          Calgary Fire department; with the aim of ensuring the service is fully equipped for the          challenges ahead, not only for dealing with and preventing fires, but also coping with            major natural disasters such as wild fires or floods.​



The opportunities that I benefited from – That let me to finished my Bachelor in Business and an opportunity to become a  president of SAIT Student Association to advocate on provincial and federal level – I owe the blessings to my vibrant neighborhood diversity, prosperity, openness and it’s spirit of enterprise.

My background in Business administration and running a multimillion non for profit organization, taught me the challenges that the business community are facing today. The uncertainty of their business taxes next year. I want to work with business, in partnership, to make North East Calgary a more prosperous Ward and to spread the opportunity that our Community brings to all Calgarians.

Because it is such a great place to live and work in, North East Calgary had attracted many people with talent to call home. However, it had not been able to attract organizations, infrastructures and investment because of the luck of leadership our ward had for the last 22 years. Dismantling the barriers to growth that exist in city council and brining opportunity to you will be one of my priorities. I’m determined to be a ceaseless advocate for investment in North East Calgary Ward 10, and a champion for the interests of more jobs and street improvements to attract business.

A partnership with business

I will work in collaboration with business community and business revitalization group to deliver solutions to the challenges that hold our growth back, and to help spread opportunity throughout our Ward 10. I will:

         · Create an innovation corridor street along 36 that runs from Memorial drive to Whitehorn where innovation, entrepreneurship, the arts, creativity and vibrant urban life will be present to change North East stigma 

         · Engage with a local business advisory Board in Ward 10 – made up of experts, a                   non-political associates to find the solutions to Ward 10 growth challenges and to               feedback on our advocacy to the city council.

         · Reduce license fees for small businesses to help businesses thrive and encourage               our resident to work and live in communities and strengthen our local                                   employment base.

         · Establish Skills space for Ward 10 entrepreneurs, working with business to ensure               Local economy and demand have the skills they need to grow and prosper.

        · Involve business in decision making on key issues of policy and planning, from skills          and housing costs to transport infrastructure and business spaces in Ward 10.

Supporting small business in harsh economic

Our small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs are at the heart of our economy and our city in general, and we should support their growth, innovation and to creating wealth and jobs rather than forcing them out of business by tax increases.

          · Advocate to lowering business taxes.

          · Promote the provision of small business and start-up premises in housing and                   commercial developments through Calgary Small Business Plan.

          · Advocate for support to Sunridge and Marlborough Mall to attract and retain                      retails and foot traffic.

          · Support for revitalization of huge empty spaces such as Marlborough sears and                  Marlborough Park Safeway spaces.

I believe your councilor should be active, committed to your growth and prosperity; I believe I can do much more to support business than attending a few announcements and ribbon cuttings (although it would be a great privilege to see this come true!). That’s why I will be the most pro-business councilor. I will ensure that our ward infrastructure, skills and housing needs will be my foremost priorities when it comes to planning Calgary future economic development. I’ll prioritize on building a stronger partnerships with the private sector, public and voluntary agencies to work strategically across our neighbourhoods– making sure that the good work that is done across the city on skills and economic development is properly reflected as well on North East Calgary.

A City that Gets it Right

            ·   ADVOCATE ON MAKING GREEN FOOD AND YRAD WATSE FREE, an incentive                       that encourages residents to contribute into our environment, rather than                         additional fees.

​            · Advocate to change fairy entry bus pass from monthly bases to annually.

            · Discontinue sending Fair Entry clients card by mail and have                                                    applicant Recreation Fee Assistance card process at recreation facilities. 

            · Advocate on implementing fair entry transit to include students.​

A Councillor that is Accountible
        ·  Holds town halls to provide instant updates about councillor and ward 10 affairs and an                    opprotunity for resident to bring their concerns.

        · Support the construction of a new arena while partial amount of taxpayer money with a                     direct prove of return on investment to taxpayers.

      · Ensure the Calgary City Charter is used responsibly for the best interest of our citizens.​


The affordability of housing became the biggest barrier to prosperity, growth and fairness facing Ward 10 North East Calgary today. Throughout my campaign, I have heard one thing loud and clear whether from business leaders, local residents, charities or community groups: the issues of affordability, accessibility and bureaucracy is a hug problem. The city’s shortage of decent accessible and affordable homes is causing real desolation to many Calgarians.

The effects are well known. Some people who grew up in Calgary are now unable to rent or buy, parents forced to raise children in homes that are too small, and rents taking up more and more of people's income. Homeownership is slipping increasingly out of reach for more and more Calgarians, and many may face homelessness while waiting for an affordable housing. Many Calgarians may now face far longer and more expensive commutes, and businesses struggling to recruit and retain the people they need to grow and prosper.
That’s why, if I am elected as councillor, my priority is to ensure we will build thousands homes every year, for you, your family and your friends. We need to set a clearer target for affordable housing and reform secondary suits bylaws.
Supporting renters and homeowners

Many Calgarians already own their own homes but some struggle to meet their housing costs and maintain their property as they would wish. I want to support existing homeowners through measures including:

        · Advocate on elimination or reeducation of the Food card waste fees and gives owners    opportunities for choice.

           · Investment in older homes to make them more energy-efficient as part of the 100 per                     cent Calgary campaign to switch Calgary over to clean energy.
          · Rent stabilization​.

          · Improve the secondary suite legislation and process.

          · Freeze the property taxes for the upcoming budget year.

Many Calgarians wants to buy a home of their own. Many others want and need social rent to live in Calgary affordably. I will advocate to fulfil this Calgarian opportunity and aspirations. But it is also the case that more than one in four North East residents rent privately, and that the private rented sector will continue to grow.

I know from my visits across the North East Calgary that more and more of Calgarians are finding it increasingly difficult to find somewhere to rent that is affordable. Most landlords treat their tenants well – but I’m determined we can improve Calgary experience of private renting.
I will advocate for City Council to have a greater say in strengthening renters and tenants’ rights over tenancy lengths, rent rises, and the quality of accommodation. I’ll work with councils, landlords, tenants, and business to improve the private rented sector for both renters and for good landlords.